Justice for George Floyd

Press Release about the Murder of George Floyd

The murder of the African American George Floyd in Minneapolis has been yet another painful reminder of the inequality black people face because of systemic racism. 

Our primary intent at ITAP e.V. has been always to stand against any form of discrimination, and our work has centered around combating the damage of dictatorships, racism and political persecution. Therefore, we heavily condemn this senseless act of violence.  

Although slavery and colonialism are among the deepest wounds that society must heal from and continue to affect African countries, history has shown time and time again that racism is not a thing of the past but is still present today. As George Floyd is of one the most known recent examples, his name has become synonymous with the global #BlackLivesMatter movement, which shines light on the fact that institutionalized racism is not limited to the US but happens everywhere every day in every shape and form. Racism limits our career opportunities. It excludes us from areas of public life. It even sows self-doubt in our own identities. 

But we will not back down. We will keep proclaiming our pride in being black. In the face of adversity, we have always prevailed, and this time will be no exception. We will no longer sit back and remain silent about these senseless, unlawful killings. It is time for an upheaval of racially biased structures that have obscured this vital truth for far too long: we are also mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses and lawyers. We are human, too.

In order to bring about this much needed change, let’s amplify the voices of black people, highlight black experiences and work together to achieve equality. We strongly believe that, to end this injustice, it takes all of us. Thus, we stand with the people who protest and lend their voices to the black empowerment movement. We thank them for using their collective voice to let the world know that Black Lives Matter, and we encourage more to do the same. 

Like many other hurdles, this, too, we shall overcome! 

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Rassismus tötet, immer wieder.
Wieder, immer wieder hat die Polizeigewalt in den USA einen traurigen Höhepunkt gefunden.

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